Death Statistics in Kosovo, 2018

  • 26/06/2019

The Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the "Death Statistics in Kosovo in 2018".

The source of the data are the Basic Certificates for Death based on the Law on Civil Status no.04/L-003.

Reporting units are the Kosovo Civil Status Offices. The data collection is done through the statistical questionnaire for death, Dem-2.

The deaths reported by family members and registered in death certificates for deaths in 2018 are 9991 cases, of which deaths occurred in Kosovo are 8998, while the deaths that occurred outside of Kosovo are 993 of registered cases.

Of the total reported deaths occurring only in Kosovo, 4959 are males or 55.1%, and 4039 are females or 44.9%.

42.9% of deaths occurred in healthcare institutions, while 55.3% of deaths occurred in homes and 1.8% elsewhere.

According to the municipality where the event occurred, most of the cases occurred in Prishtina with 2531 deaths or 25.3%, Prizren has 995 cases of death or 10%, Peja has 665 or 6.7% etc. The age of the dead is aged 60 and over by 79.9%.

The first quarter of the year accounts with 35.4%, and January is ranked first with 9.7% of reported deaths. Albanians participate with 90.1%.

Violent deaths reported in 2018 are a total of 177 cases or 1.9%.

The number of deaths by fatality is 129 or 72.9%, suicide is 27 or 15.3% and homicide is 21 or 11.9%. Fatalities and homicide are dominated by the age of 20-49 for both males and females, while suicides are dominated by the age of 50 and above also for both males and females.

Reported dead infants in 2018 are total of 242 cases, and their total death rate is 2.7%. Males are 134 or 55.4%, and females are 108 or 44.6%.

Dead infants up to 6 days are 147 or 60.7%, 7 to 27 days are 50 or 20.7% and 28 days to 1 year are 45 or 19%.