Death Statistics, 2016

  • 30/06/2017

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published "Death Statistics in Kosovo for 2016". The data in this publication are presented on the basis of the Administrative Data Collection for 2016 from the Civil Status offices.

The deaths reported by family members and registered in the Basic Registers for 2016 were 9246, of which 8495 deaths occurred in Kosovo alone, while the deaths that occurred outside of Kosovo totaled 751.

Of the total reported deaths occurring only in Kosovo, 4796 are male or 56.5% and 3699 are female or 43.5%.

46.3% of cases of deaths occurred in healthcare institutions, while 52.5% have occurred at home and 1.2% in other places.

According to the municipality where the event occurred, Prishtina is the first with 2696 deaths or 29.2%, second is Prizren with 908 or 9.8%, third is Peja with 573 or 6.2%, etc.

79.8% of the dead are aged 60 and over.

The first quarter of the year is 25.2%, while the month of December is ranked first with 10.2%.

Albanians participate with 92.9%.

Violent deaths in 2016 were reported in total 188 cases or 2.2%, of which fatalities were 128 or 68.1%, suicide 41 or 21.8%, and homicide 19 or 10.1%.

To all violent deaths dominate age 20-49 for both male and female.

Dead infants for 2016 were 199, and their share to total dead is 2.3%. Male 116 or 58.3%, female 83 or 41.7%.