Census results on Mobility: The use of data for strategic planning

  • 09/07/2012

Statistical Agency of Kosovo with the support of the project EUCEP2011, funded by the European Union, organized on June 7, 2012 the Workshop on "Mobility". The seminar took place in the premises of Hotel Sirius in Prishtina.

The purpose of this workshop was to present the possibilities for using data from the Population, Household and Housing Census related to mobility.

Maria Pia Sorvillo and Enrico Tucci, international experts from ISTAT,  (Italian National Statistical Institute), explained in detail what data can provide the results of Population, Household and Housing Census related to mobility.

In this workshop were present various agencies and departments of Kosovo institutions, local and international organizations and civil society.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Isa Krasniqi, in his welcome speech to the participants claimed that: "The population of Kosovo is known for its mobility. Mobility means the daily or weekly trips within the country for work or schooling, and long-term change of residence within the country including the facts of international migration. All these movements have a significant impact on local population characteristics, and may have implications in structure and size. As a result, this phenomenon is of interest to majority of participants dealing with the assessment of characteristics and population trends for planning purposes. "

While, experts from ISTAT explained in details, elaborating the questions of the questionnaires that have been used in the Census, the typology of migration (internal and external migration), the origin and destination of migration (the secondary movements within the same region and long-term movements within various regions, municipalities and locations), and the possibility of using the Census data viewed from this aspect

"All these as well as other questions, such as who is a migrant: one who has changed the settlement, state, city; then, why occurs the movement of population and migration, have be analyzed in order to define the labour policies, territory, environment, etc. "- said Mrs. Servillo, explaining to the participants, how these data could be used for planning purposes in various sectors such as: agriculture, employment, social support, transport, environment and other fields.

In this workshop there was also an open discussion, where participants did not hesitate to ask various questions. International and KAS' experts answered to numerous questions related to mobility, and other aspects of the census. (All questions and answers you can find in FAQ).

This workshop will be followed as well by other meetings of similar nature, in order to better prepare all relevant actors for efficient use of data that will emerge from the final results of Population, Household and Housing Census.