Agriculture Census is going well

  • 04/11/2014

Agriculture Census project in the Republic of Kosovo, which beganon November 1st, is being conducted according to the planning andit is expected to be successfully completed on 20  November.

The officials of Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS),today at a pressconference presented up to datedevelopments of Agriculture Census in the Republic of Kosovo.

Chief Executive Officer of of Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Isa Krasniqi reported  that minor technicalproblems, faced thesedays in the fieldare already overcome, and Agriculture Census  is goingaccording to the plan.

"Basedon all events related to this project thathave happened so far, everything is goingas planned. According to the reportsit is goingeven better than wehave planned, in terms of comparison with certain risks that we have planned.

So,we don’t have major problems. An exception here isnonparticipation of four municipalities in northernKosovo, which are not participatingin Agriculture Census. While, in other 34 municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo,  Agriculture Census process isgoing exceptionally well,"said the CEO, Krasniqi.

He addedthat the problems encountered during these three days,are technical problems, such as theshortage of the forms and distribution of the forms in noncorresponding area.

While,regarding the preparationprocess for AgricultureCensus, he stressed that "theplanning was done for all municipalities,including four municipalities in the north of the country, which for the time being, are not participating inthis census." However, hepointed out that at the time whenthey will be ready, they will be included in this process.

 “It was not decisivelystated, that they won’t participate, for this reason or that reason, and  we are not entitled  to talk about on their behalf. They can give their reasons. But, we have been toldthat this process has to be postponed.

We have continued in othermunicipalities, we could not riskthe project, by waiting. While, regarding that whether they are going to be included, we willinclude them any time when these ofAgriculture Census’ Municipal Census Commissions,in four northernmunicipalities are ready, we will automatically includethem in Agriculture Census process during this period, from1 to 20 November, "said Mr.. Krasniqi.

Mr. Krasniqi also called thecitizens to providethe data needed for Agriculture Census, because the data providedare on benefit of the citizens and economic developmentpolicies of the country. He explained thatAgriculture Census has nothing to do with taxes or ownership,since it is a completely separate process andall data are protected by law.

 “Whereas, ifcitizens are reluctant to provide accurate information,it will affect them, because Agriculture Census is in their benefit, for future investmentsin this importantpillar of the economy, "emphasized Mr. Krasniqi.

Regarding the census refusal, BajrusQevani, the Manager of Agriculture Census, added  that refusalsare very few andindividual cases.

"There are individual cases.We are in the early days of the commencement of Agriculture Census. There are cases thathave not well understood thepurpose of Agriculture Census. And, according to the instructions, MunicipalCensus Commissions are obliged todeal with these cases.  Toinform in details about the purpose and benefits of Agriculture Census project for them as individuals, " saidMr. Qevani.

Additionally, Agriculture Censusproject is funded by the Government of Kosovo and various donors, such as: theEuropean Union Office in Kosovo, Development Union - Embassy of Sweden - SIDA,the Government of the United Kingdom - DFID, the Swiss Cooperation Office, theGovernment of Denmark and the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

This fund is called the Trust Fund andit is managed by the United Nations Office for Project Services(UNOPS.)

The total cost of the project is around 4.7 million Euros. 2.2million Euros have left over from the Population Census.  While the rest 2.5 million Euros is funded bythe Government of Kosovo and the donors. This cost covers the period 2012-2015.