Acting Chief Executive of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, Mr. Ilir Berisha, met with the Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Ambassador Micheal Davenport

  • 27/01/2023

In a meeting with Ambassador Davenport, Acting Chief Executive and Population Census Manager, Mr. Avni Kastrati, discussed the preparations for the Population Census 2023, the possibilities of intensifying cooperation, the approaches and models in order to conduct successful Population and Housing Census in Kosovo during the dates 01 September – 16 October, 2023.

Mr. Berisha emphasized the importance of the Population Census project for the national statistical programme, and thanked the OSCE representatives in Kosovo for their readiness to support so that the Population Census has territorial comprehensiveness.

Ambassador Davenport mentioned the OSCE's comprehensive approach to security that includes political-military, economic, environmental and human aspects.

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo is mandated to protect and promote human and community rights, democratization and development of the public security sector. The OSCE remains committed to supporting institutions in improving key sectors.

Ambassador Davenport expressed his readiness for support through human and technological resources for the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, as well as institutional cooperation with the Office for Institutional Democratization and Human Rights (ODIHR), in the coordination of activities for social inclusion in the Population Census.

A meeting and constructive conversation on a number of important topics for the most successful implementation of the Population Census, territorial coverage and guaranteeing rights through participation for all population groups in the Republic of Kosovo.

KAS representatives reiterated the institutional commitment to the implementation of the Census project in accordance with the best national and international practices, the respect of European standards and the intensification of regional cooperation.