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Social Welfare Statistics

      1. 1.1. Contact organization: Kosovo Agency of Statistics - KAS
      1. Department of Social Statistics - Division of Social Statistics
      1. Mrs. Naime Rexhepi
      1. Head of the Division of Social Statistics
      1. Street “Zenel Salihu” no 4. 10000 Pristina, Kosovo
      1. + 381 38 200 31 100
      1. No fax number available. The fax number is general for the office: +381 38 235 033
      1. 20/11/2015
      1. 20/11/2015
      1. 20/11/2015
      1. Social welfare statistics contain data on beneficiary households from the social assistance scheme, pension schemes - old-age pension contributions, basic retirement pensions, pensions of persons with special needs, ‘Trepca’ miners pensions, pensions of the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF), pensions for Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC), pensions for families of martyrs, war invalids and war veterans, material support scheme for families with children with special needs, compensation for blinds, number of children abandoned, data on persons accommodated in homes for elderly people and without family care and data on persons with mental disabilities located in the Shtime Institute and community homes.
      1. No classification is applied.
      1. Education statistics cover the social and economic sector.
      1. The basic age pension - the minimum regular monthly pension paid to all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo who have reached the age of sixty-five (65) years, regardless of whether they were employed or not and who meet the criteria provided by the Law on Pension Schemes No.04 / L-131. Retirement Pension Contributor is a regular monthly pension for citizens employed in the Republic of Kosovo, who paid their contributions to the former Kosovo Pension Fund before 01.01.1999. Pensions of persons with special needs - the permanent disability pension provides financial support to selected persons in accordance with the criteria established by law no. 04 / L-131 on the funds allocated for this purpose from the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo. Scheme for material support to families of children with permanent disabilities - is a benefit in the form of a monthly financial amount or other form of money remuneration administered by MLSW for families with children with permanent disabilities/special needs. Abandoned child without parental care is considered any child under the age of 18 who is abandoned by parents who for various reasons do not perform or are unable to perform the obligations, responsibilities and parental rights The social assistance scheme provides temporary financial assistance to families who are in poverty and are selected in accordance with the criteria set out in the law and on the basis of funds allocated for this purpose by the Kosovo Budget.
      1. Department of Social Welfare (DMS), Department of Pension Administration (DPA) and Department of Families of Martyrs and War Invalids (DFMWI), Departments within the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW).
      1. The targeted population is comprised of the general population - beneficiaries of social assistance, beneficiaries of different pension schemes, care for elderly persons and without family care, etc.
      1. Kosovo (national level) and municipal level.
      1. Time series are available from the reference year 2002 to 2011 on an annual basis, and from 2012 on a quarterly basis.
      1. Not available.
      1. Number of households and family members benefiting from the social assistance scheme by categories, number of persons benefiting from pension schemes such as: basic age pensions, retirement age pension and pensions for persons with special needs which are provided according to gender and nationality, while the number of persons benefiting from the pension scheme of families of martyrs and war invalids is provided according to gender, age, nationality and according to category, number of beneficiaries from Trepca Mines Pensions, Pensions of KSF and KPC, the number of beneficiaries from the compensation scheme for blind persons given only as a total number of beneficiaries at the regional level, the number of abandoned children according to gender and municipality, the number of elderly persons and without family care according to gender and nationality and number persons with mental disabilities according to gender and nationality.
      1. Various statistics are generally presented on an annual and quarterly basis.
      1. Statistical units, natural and legal persons, regardless of whether they have a legal personality or not, are obliged to provide complete, updated and truthful information to the KAS and other producers of official statistics in appropriate form, timely and free of charge determined by the producer of official statistics, defined in article 2, Law No. 04/L-036 ON OFFICIAL STATISTICS OF REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO.
      1. Not available.
      1. “Agency shall ensure that individual data collected for statistical purposes, whether collected from natural or legal persons, or bodies and organizations of the public administration (hereinafter “Respondents”), are handled in a strictly confidential manner and used exclusively for statistical purposes. Law 04/L-036, Article 34. “All respondents shall be obliged, in accordance with the applicable law, to cooperate and provide timely and accurately statistical data to the Agency, and to cooperate with the Agency to verify the accuracy of the collected data. Law 04/L-036, Article 21:
      1. Access to confidential data shall be permitted only to persons who are in charge of producing the official statistics up to that level that these data are necessary for producing statistics. Article 37, Law No. 04/L-036: .
      1. The KAS publishes yearly an advanced release calendar for all its publication for the current year. The calendar is publicly accessible on the KAS website.
      1. The general policy is that before publishing statistics on the Kosovo Agency of Statistics web site a press release is available, also on the web site, to inform users and media. All users get access to data at the same time.
      1. Data dissemination is on an annual basis.
      1. News releases on-line at the time of data dissemination.
      1. KAS publications, tables and material for press release are always available in three languages: Albanian, English and Serbian.
      1. KAS has online database:
      1. Users do not have direct access to micro-data, but by law researchers and institutions can request access through KAS.
      1. Data are also published in the KAS Statistical Yearbook:
      1. A brief explanation of the definitions, key concepts and methodological explanations for users is presented in the publication of data: " Publication of Social Welfare Statistics, 2016":
      1. KAS is committed to quality assurance in the production of official statistics. Based on the "Law On Official Statistics, Law 04 / L-036", KAS uses statistical methods and processes in accordance with internationally accepted scientific principles and standards and conducts ongoing analyzes in order to improve the quality and delivery of updated statistics. In carrying out its duties, KAS follows the overall quality management principles, in line with the European Statistics Code of Practice. KAS has developed a Quality Statement which is available on the ASK website: The document lists eleven principles, much in line with the CoP principles like professional independence and statistical confidentiality, on which the work of KAS is based.
      1. Not available.
      1. During July 2017 in Kosovo Agency of Statistics was conducted the process of assessment of the Kosovo Statistical System through the “Peer Review” approach.
      1. According to the User Satisfactory Survey conducted in 2014, the main request was to have more access in micro data and the aggregated data in Excel files.
      1. One of the key elements to ensure the quality of statistical data is the measurement of the satisfaction of users. The survey aims to gather comprehensive information on the needs and requirements of users of official statistical data. Through this survey the users of statistical data have expressed their thoughts and opinions regarding statistical views, they have provided advice and suggestions regarding their needs for statistics and how to improve these statistical data in the future. This survey was conducted during the conference held with the users of statistical data, in which 11 users responded. The questionnaire contained eight questions and included various topics: the use of statistical data, evaluation of KAS in general, the assessment of the site in KAS, evaluating the quality of statistical data, etc. More detailed information on this survey can find on the web:
      1. Not available.
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      1. Not available.
      1. Reference year - from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015 Timeframe - June 30, 2016.
      1. Delay in time is 0.
      1. Statistics refer to the local and national level.
      1. There are no breakdowns in time series.
      1. Not available.
      1. The internal consistency of the data has been checked before it is finalized. The links between the variables and the coherence in their series are also checked. The data are coherent in the internal aspect.
      1. For the preparation of the publication of social welfare statistics, the responsible person (1 person) is responsible for these statistics in the DSS.
      1. There is no revision policy at KAS.
      1. No revisions have been carried out.
      1. The source of social welfare data is the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (MLSW) respectively the following departments: Department of Social Welfare (DSW), Department of Pension Administration (DPA) and Department of Families of Martyrs and War Invalids (DFMWI).
      1. The data collection is on a quarterly basis.
      1. Each quarter the request is submitted to the relevant MLSW department to the person/s responsible for statistics on the indicators needed by KAS and are given a 15-day deadline for sending data to KAS. Data is sent electronically.
      1. The data submitted by the MLSW are initially checked and verified and then processed and analyzed, as well as comparability with the previous years related to social welfare trends until the finalization of the publication.
      1. Not available.
      1. Seasonal adjustment is not yet implemented.