Farewell of Mr. Marius Andersen at KAS


Kosovo Agency of Statistics has been visited by the Coordinator for Kosovo from Eurostat, Mr. Marius Andersen. This was also his last visit to Kosovo during his five-year mandate in Eurostat.

Mr. Andersen was appointed by Eurostat as the coordinator of the statistical system for the enlargement countries for Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the five year period, Mr. Andersen has made an extraordinary contribution to KAS and Kosovo's Statistical System as a whole. Lastly, he was also an integral part of the Peer Review Kosovo Statistical System Assessment Team, which was conducted in July this year.

Kosovo Agency of Statistics is very grateful to Mr. Andersen for the contribution and support given to KAS and its staff, as during his missions in Kosovo, the correct reporting on Kosovo in Eurostat, as well as for the support provided to KAS staff in their long-term training or other official visits to Eurostat.

The development and further advancement of the Kosovo Statistical System is part of the contribution of Mr. Andersen. On this occasion, KAS wishes that Mr. Andersen left an open path to international co-operation.