Kosovo Peer Review Report

  • 28/02/2018

Kosovo Peer Review Report

on Compliance of the Statistical System of the Republic of Kosovo with the Code of Practice of European Statistics and the Coordination Role of the Agency of Statistics

Kosovo Agency of Statistics (KAS) has published the Peer Review Report on Compliance of the Statistical System of the Republic of Kosovo with the European Statistics Code of Practice and the Coordination Role of the Kosovo Agency of Statistics.

This professional assessment made by the Eurostat Peer Review team has placed the Kosovo Statistical System on the European Statistical System and has assessed it on the basis of the 15 principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice, as any statistical system of EU countries and region.

The Peer Review Report considers that KAS is in line with the European Statistics Code of Practice and recommends further development of the institutional framework, recommends the increase of the resources and improvement of cost effectiveness, and development of quality management and methodology, as well as strengthening the relations with the users.

Among the areas that the Peer Review team assessed within the Kosovo Statistical System is the legal framework of the Kosovo Statistical System which is comprehensive and covers the main areas that regulate official statistics in the EU and that despite that KAS as a new institution enjoys high level of credibility and institutional independence. Also, using the provisions of the Law on Official Statistics, KAS has developed extensive use of administrative data and has established close cooperation with administrative data providers through working groups by discussing the technical characteristics of these sources. On the other hand, the new KAS website is modern and attractive, which is unanimously rated by all users. All publications and press releases are systematically published in Albanian, Serbian and English language, enabling great international visibility.

The Peer Review team suggests that the revision of the Law on Official Statistics should provide the possibility of extending the mandate of the Chief Executive Officer of KAS and reinforce his / her responsibility for statistical methodology. Peer Review teams also suggests that the revised Law should contain provisions that enables KAS to be involved in designing and modifying administrative data.

The Peer Review team suggests that KAS establishes its authority as a coordinator of the Statistical System and, for example, establishes criteria for official statistics, as its coordinating role is still under development in the context of new statistical institutions.

Also, the Peer Review team assesses that financial resources are insufficient for KAS to meet its national and international mandate, despite having steadily increase over the last few years. Also, KAS is encouraged to continue with the reallocation of resources from the seven regional offices, benefiting from the use of new technologies in order to increase productivity.

The Peer Review team encourages KAS to strengthen relations with the users, particularly with academia (universities and research institutes) to get feedback on its products and to promote co-operation e.g. for developing its statistics analysis.

The Peer Review process is a review of the European Statistical System, regular in EU countries. This process has also begun in the enlargement countries. In Kosovo, it was developed for the first time from 24-28 July 2017, where part of the professional team designated by Eurostat were three experts: Mr. Jean-Michel Durr (team leader, France), Mr. Peter Hackl (Austria), Mr. Marius Anderson (Eurostat).

Eurostat has already published the Peer Review Final Report for Kosovo which also provides the expert recommendations for the Kosovo Statistical System. See: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/enlargement-countries/publications/reports

This process marks the greatest achievement of the Official Statistics of the Republic of Kosovo in the framework of international professional assessment by well-known European experts. In this case, the Kosovo Statistical System has been assessed according to 15 Principles recognized by the Code of Practice of European Statistics.

For more information on the Kosovo Peer Review Report 2017, http://ask.rks-gov.net/en/kosovo-agency-of-statistics/add-news/kosovo-peer-review-report