Assessment of the Kosovo Statistical System "Peer Review", 2017

  • 28/07/2017

In Kosovo Agency of Statistics during this week was conducted the process of assessment of the Kosovo Statistical System through the “Peer Review” approach. The professional team defined by Eurostat was composed of three experts: Mr. Jean-Michel Durr (team leader, France), Mr. Peter Hackl (Austria), Mr. Marius Anderson (Eurostat); As well as two observers: Mrs. Veneta Boneva (Eurostat) and Mr. Maldi Dema (INSAT, Albania).

The European Statistical System Assessment "Peer Review" is a regular process in the EU countries, while it has now begun in the enlargement countries as well. In Kosovo, it was first developed from 24 to 28 July. Meanwhile, preparations have started for more than two years ago. This process marks the largest achievement of the Official Statistics of the Republic of Kosovo, in the framework of international professional assessment, by well-known European experts. In this case, the Kosovo Statistical System has been assessed according to 15 Principles recognized by the European Statistics Code of Practice.

Thus, during these days, the “Peer Review” Team had special meetings with KAS management and staff, with new KAS employees, Central Bank of Kosovo and the Ministry of Finance, as well as producers of official statistics.

From the given methodology, it was requested that the “Peer Review” Team also have meetings with other stakeholders that are part of the Kosovo Statistical System both as a user and as a statistical data providers. 

Meetings were held with the main users of official statistics, such as representatives from the Kosovo Assembly, ministries and other public and private institutions. Then, with the administrative data providers, such as TAK, Customs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, MEST, Kosovo Courts, as well as the Agency for Agriculture Development and the Kosovo Business Registration Agency. Special meetings of the “Peer Review” Team were also held with the media, with the scientific community from the Public University "Hasan Prishtina" - Faculty of Agriculture and GAP Institute, as well as with international organizations such as UNICEF and Sida.

Recommendations will be provided in the Final Report of this Assessment that will be the final stage of this process.

The Peer Review process will assist the further development and advancement of the Kosovo Statistical System in general and especially the Kosovo Agency of Statistics in particular.